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Last Update:  2003/07/28

Sundials - Software 
by Helmut Sonderegger

This page offers sundial-software for download.


----- Information ----- 

You are invited to download the sundial-programs, shown on this page. The programs, made by H.Sonderegger are freeware and you can use them without any pay.


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  • Download SONNE (v. 1.8, packed into, about 800 kB):
    All files used by SONNE.EXE are packed into this zip-file. The program itself needs Win95/98/NT.. and calculates different types of sundials. You can draw the dials on screen, have them printed with all printers installed or saved as file with format *.dxf (AutoCad,...) or *.plt (HPGL). The program also evaluates rise and set of sun and moon and the times of twilight, computes sunpositions, the Equation of Time and the time for particular sun positions between 1300 and 2500. 
    The program is fully adapted for English users. Version 1.8 contains some small improvements for printing sundial constructions and an additional possibility to save construction data ! If you prefere the version which installs automatically the newest version of SONNE 1.8 then Download Setup Version (990 kB). After unzipping the saved file start the unzipped program for installation of Sonne1.8.
    Download Setup Version of SONNE (about 990 kB) 
  • Download CONVRT (v. 2.01, packed zip-file, about 150 kB):
    The program CONVRT.EXE needs Win95/98/NT...and converts dxf-files into HPGL-files and vice versa. The supported commands are those which are used in the program SONNE.EXE. Files, which are generated by other programs, may be converted incorrectly, if they contain HPGL- and dxf-commands which are not used in SONNE.EXE. Commands not supported by CONVRT.EXE should be displayed after the conversion! A helpfile is now included.
  • New Software ALEMMA 
    for calculating different types of analemmatic sundials. English or German as language can be chosen. The program needs Win 95/98/NT... (Unpack the downloaded zip-file and start it. Then the program will be installed.)
    Download Setup version for Alemma 1.05 (900 kB, better help files)
    Download only Alemma, version 1.05 (250 kB, only program, no help files)
Any hints and comments would be appreciated to:    H. Sonderegger